Sunday, September 30, 2012


I've been stuck at home sick with the stomach flu all week.  To pass the time between trips to my bedside bucket, I've been watching Weeds start to finish.  Maybe a second-hand high will take care of my nausea right?  While each season has been more ridiculous than the last (with convoluted plots increasingly hard to stomach), penultimate season 7 at least offers a heap of near-naked man meat to distract my angry gut.  In addition to an underground male model boxing club, there is Dimitri, the main character Nancy's Russian lover/lesbian lover's brother.  There is even a scene where Dimitri jacks off watching Nancy and his sister scissor.  The actor who plays Dimitri, Pablo Schreiber, is not only hot, with man-tits for miles, he also appeared in Baltimore's own drug related melodrama The Wire as working class dock worker Nick Sabotka.  The circle of life is complete!  Gastroenteritus Norovirus from LA leads to bedridden SoCAL Weeds marathon in Baltimore with Wire actor Pablo Schreiber.  One more season to go and I'm cured!