Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I'm deeply flattered by this "Colby doppelganger" discovered by BSD reader Chris while perusing PornHub.  The hot young redhead above has a giant cock.  If only I could add an inch!  I highly recommend watching the entire clip, if for nothing more than to hear grandma deliver the timeless line, "Oh yeah, cum on my glasses."


  1. I once brought home a boyfriend who was an epee fencer from Cornell and my Mom was all over him. It was embarrassing. She was stroking his bare thighs when I decided that it was time to go [it was Summer]. This clip reminded me of that. Thanks for posting it.


  2. That has to be a viagra boner! Don't know where this ranks on the "specialty" scale, but I hope a granny blowjob pays similar to receptive fisting.

  3. Well, Greta, all of him looks FABULOUS to me, and I'd suck him in a minute, especially if he would cum all over MY face like that.

    Then, I'd want him to lean over and lick my face clean, and then kiss me, so we could both eat his cum.

    Oops -- did I say that out loud?

    Would also love to see Colby and him fucking. Very hot!!!

    Thanks, Colby!

    Love from KC

  4. I know I'm gonna be thinking of this guy's boner when I put on my glasses. That's a nice boner.