Friday, September 21, 2012


Corn-fed Midwestern boys.  Represent.  More from my photo shoot with photographer Marlen Boro.   


  1. These are really great! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  2. COLBY!!!
    What's with the trimmed pubes???????? YOU? MANSCAPED?????
    Please say it isn't so......
    love 'ya, anyway

  3. Somebody's been shopping at IKEA. I have the same pillows... oh, we're not supposed to be looking at the decor?!

  4. Damn!!!! hot as ever. ;-)

  5. You natural poses are so handsome Colby. Gosh darn, my Husband and I have a crush on you and these pics are just adding fuel to the flame. Stay adoreable

  6. Colby, when cutting my tee shirts to mark tanks I always end up exposing my nipples. Do you have a pattern or guideline when cutting yours?

  7. My favourites are the first three, fully clothed with sleeves rolled up. For starters you have great, great hair, but there are two other aspects that really set these apart for me. Your arm with fingers running through your hair and the partial glimpse of your mouth and your eye. You have nearly perfect forearms that make plain that we are dealing with a man, but your mouth and eye seem to say that you know something that troubles you greatly. There is tension conveyed. You are somewhere that allows you to relax the stoic male mask and express emotion.

    The pictures with you wearing a muscle shirt are of course welcome, but your face is what makes the picture. Your face is open and expressive. You convey relaxation, maybe contentment.

    The two of you wearing boxer briefs return to a troubled person, but this time it seems to be more about the heart. Perhaps, you miss someone or you ponder how your relationship got to this fucked up state.

    The other two are more for titillation and succeed but that is all they convey to me.

    Marlen Boro is a talented photographer, but you were a good subject.

    Sorry if this seems pretentious of me, but I love good photography whether it is intended as porn or to convey something from inside a subject.

  8. Good photograpy, really? I've seen better underwear shots in the JCPenney catalog.