Thursday, September 6, 2012


Selections from my favorite new Tumblr Antique-erotic.

Gramps sure had it good.

Thanks to BSD reader Zachary for forwarding me the link.  If you like these you may also appreciate


  1. Did you notice the first image, the orgy scene, is really just the same three guys in different positions?

    I'll bet that was a bitch to put together without photoshop. Hell, the X-Acto didn't even come around until the 30's.

  2. I am a retired anthropology professor about to publish a five volume work on e-books entitled ;
    The Illustrated History of sex. It encompasses human sexual history though time and all cultures where sexual information is available. The book for the first time will reveal that most of the world cultures recognized as third sex and so I would like to use your photograph of the group male orgy (date 1900??) Perhaps you have other s you might like to recommend or you could give me permission to use from Each volume will contain over 500 pictures so there is no question of buying your art, as fine as it is. Several galleries like the Forman and Sadigh, have given me permission, to contribute to world art and for advertizing purposes. I need only low resolution photos that can be lifted from you site and you would be contributing to the art world.

    It would be excellent advertizing for your site if I credit each photo I use by naming your website! The book will also have a web site where we can be linked for your advertizing. Please let me know how you would like your photo credited
    John Gregg,