Tuesday, September 25, 2012


No, this isn't an archival autopsy photo from Roswell, though it might as well be.  It's actually an legless, lungless amphibian recently discovered in the Madeira River basin in Brazil.  Nicknamed the "trouser snake", scientists knew of atretochoana eiselti only from two preserved specimens in a Vienna museum until 2011 when a living eiselti was discovered in Brazil.  Unlike it's closest relatives, this particular species doesn't use lungs but a series of capillaries capable of gas exchange that course through its epidermis.  It also has several muscles in its head unknown to any other organism on earth. 

In case atretochoana isn't exactly the trouser snake you were looking for, here are few more examples I found online:

Thanks to BSD reader Richard for finding the real trouser snake and passing it along. 


  1. it is really very special as animal! BEURK !

  2. Okay, so I see that last picture with the rattlesnake, and I almost have a heart attack! Then, I thought, "Oh, he "milked" the snake before taking that photograph." (For those of you unfamiliar with this process, "milking" a snake means that the venom has been removed by manually pressing the venom glands in the head of the snake while holding its fangs against the side of a glass container.)

    Then, Colby, I looked even closer. Do you see what I see? There's a heavy layer of dust only on the top of that snake! It's been stuffed in a striking position. The photographer has fooled us all!

    I was so relieved that someone wasn't really into having his dick bitten by a venomous snake!

  3. The last two in particular are just creepy, especially the bag of snakes around someone's waist. I could probably get past the two tattoos as long as the lights were out, and he wasn't expecting head; however, he would also have to be exceptionally hot to me with his clothes on to get that far. I know people whose first reaction to such tattoos would be to grab a garden hoe and chop off the head without stopping to think about what they were doing.

  4. "Brazil", really? Is that how referring to John Travolta's arse these days?

  5. I'm just flattered I made it onto your blog today ;)

  6. Will forward to American Herpetological Society, particularly to their 'fucking fear of having my dick bitten' caucus.