Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Studly "Boy with Beard" Bill Arning, his equally beautifully bearded boyfriend, and a crew of talented Texas artists took me to the Lawndale Gallery's annual "Day of the Dead" auction and fundraiser while I dropped in to Houston to visit family last week.  Without their timely rescue, I very well may have lost my last marble enduring the erratic Keller clan's essentric antics.  

A commanding presence at over 6'4", Arning is a native New Yorker and former punk rock musician.  From 1985 to 1996, Arning served as chief curator at the White Columns Alternative Art Space in SoHo.  Arning now serves as Director of the Contemporary Art Museum in Houston-- a site instrumental to my own formative intellectual and artistic development as a teenager.  With a compassionate, gracious and overwhelmingly generous personality one normally doesn't associate with art world heavy weights, Arning also owns a jaw dropping private art collection which I had the sheer privilege to enjoy personally.  He even gave me a stack of art books he'd authored himself as a birthday present!

Suit and tie sex appeal has never looked better.  Eat your hear out Men at Play.  Bring your next board meeting to the art gallery.


  1. You give good love to my man Bill, Mr. Keller. And he deserves every word!!

  2. Great guy! Seems like a great match!

  3. awee love Bill.. usually go to the day of the dead event but was out of town for work.. woomp woomp