Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This is Phil.  He's a research ethicist and aspiring writer who lives in Brooklyn.  This is Phil's beard.  I'm pretty certain it has already reached most of its aspirations. Details of beard formation:  It's coarse as fuck, so he conditions it in the morning and throws some lavender oil in it at night. He's actually really terrible at trimming it--on more than one occasion he's had to hack the whole thing off because of a botched trim job.  Luckily, it grows back in a jiff.  Also, the beard serves a practical purpose; he ate some major pavement about a summer ago and he's 90% positive there's a scar on his chin that he's never seen.  

Phil donates his time here and curates a dirty tumblr here (I had to take a break before posting this to masturbate to it).  Both are worth a visit.  He also is a friend of BSD Artist I Like: Joe Sinness! Mmmmm. . . Boys with Beards - thanks for sharing, Phil!

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