Thursday, October 25, 2012


Down home here in Texas, a "paenis" is how you might pronounce penis.  I've seen more Romney lawn regalia and heard more outright racist innuendo in the Lone Star State than I feel comfortable admitting publicly, much of it shockingly directed toward the first family (and America's most popular political personality-- Michelle Obama at that).  I buried my head in my hands in sheer dismay at least three times today and that was just before lunch!   Remember Dubya!?  How many dickwads can one state wank out of its oil slicked palm exactly?  

Red state blues aside, what could be more mushroom shaped and pokey and ever-so sparingly magnanimous that a homosexual conservative, like blogger Andrew Sullivan.  Unless of course, you are Andrew Sullivan's apparent political change of faith and attendant graph, which purports to show the great lengths to which propaganda will serve the wrong master.

Thanks to BSD reader Alex for passing Andrew and his pencil-dick graph along.

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  1. I've never thought much of Andrew Sullivan, mostly cause I've been acquainted with him since he was a pro-Thatcherite Irish closet-case surreptitiously gawking at naked men in Harvard showers, while being a prominent member of the gay-hating Harvard Conservative Club. A few years later I saw him being mock-gang-banged by a bunch of black men on the dance floor at the Metro. So... predictable. What is it about the confluence of race, class, ethnicity, and politics that creates so many politically oppressive white boy wanna-be elites from secretly trashy backgrounds, who privately fantasize about BBC? In Andy's favor, I will say that he has done some karma-balancing since out, but on the whole, I'd say his impact on gay issues has been a very mixed bag.