Wednesday, October 17, 2012


To all of the generous readers out there who perused my newly compiled Amazon Wish List recently. . . Here is a humble little present in return to say thank you.  If you don't see your gift don't worry.  I received a few books in the mail yesterday but didn't have time to make a new gif before my flight.  Once I return home from Texas I promise to give each of you your very own personalized Colby Keller portrait.  That is, if you're email addy is listed on the shipping slip.  Unfortunately, I accidentally threw away two packing slips with their boxes before I had a chance to jot down the names.  I got so carried away with the wrapping paper it got lost in the shuffle.

Will the BSD readers responsible for the massive Jeff Koons Catalog and Detroit Disassembled please come forward to claim your prize?  I owe you a boner.

If you see your present and haven't received an email from me, send me a message pronto!

The Books depicted include:

The Meaning of Sarkozy

Jeff Koons

Detroit Disassembled

Castro's Cuba, Cuba's Castro

The Overthrow of Colonial Slavery

The Puppet and the Dwarf

The Atlas of Remote Islands

The Harper's Index, Vol 1


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  2. Hey Colby,
    The book I purchased for you, Marianne Vitale: What I Need to Do Is Lighten the Fuck Up About a Lot of Shit, was apparently shipped on October 11th. Is it possible that it hasn't arrived yet?

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! You'll most likely have to pick my pressie up at the UPS store - they keep sending it out for delivery and it bounces back :( Hope you had a great one!

  4. I was mister "Remote Islands." May I ask why THAT book?