Tuesday, October 23, 2012


While I didn't get to enjoy BSD reader Nick's beautiful birthday present in person, I did have a warm, wet, one-on-one celebration with myself.

I spent most of my birthday instead north of Dallas, enjoying the extravagant Texas-size decadence of the newly opened Spa Castle in Carrollton's Little Korea.  While the exterior might make you think that Walt Disney, Sam Walton and Kim Il-Sung joined forces to open an Egyptian-themed hotel chain, the interior will more than make up for the cheeky pharaonic door greeters à la Abu Simbel.  It's by far the nicest Korean spa I've been to.

Spa Castle's many amenities include: a sauna whose gold-leaf covered walls taper to form an enormous pyramid, a sic-fi themed "infrared" room which could double as the teleportation room on the Enterprise,  a "color-therapy" sauna, multiple indoor and outdoor pools, a swim-up bar, a "mystic cave", two restaurants (one for traditional Korean food, one for sushi) and more-- all for only $35!

This November 4th, Spa Castle Texas will unveil a hotel on the premises.  If you're anywhere near Dallas (or would like to fly me back to join you) Spa Castle will waive the entrance fee and let all guests in for FREE!  If you live in Texas, plan your trip to Carrolton soon and enjoy a red bean shaved ice for me.  It's my favorite.  

Enjoying the Infrared Bed.

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  1. i went to this with some friends not to long ago as a bachelor weekend thing.. was pretty cool they need more else where, there are several in dallas lots fairly nice too..