Friday, November 9, 2012


Happy Halloween, Friends!  Yes, yes, yes. . . Halloween was over a week ago, but the storms battering the East Coast prevented many of us from celebrating in the style to which we've grown accustomed (and by that I mean, getting totally wasted, not worrying about who we sleep with and laughing at children who think Halloween is for them).  Big Shoe Diaries presents its own belated Halloween Costume Parade featuring brilliant costumes by many "Friends of Colby." Bill, Jack, Daniel, Mike, two different Brians, and Kim, you all did amazing jobs this Halloween!  Who doesn't need more creativity in their life and what amazing costumes: a priest and his boy, a lovable elephant, a space burrito (that's me going for cheap Chipotle), Kate Bush on the cover of Hounds of Love, Darth Elvis, a scary Zombie, a barista and his latte, and one of my favorites. . . A Starry Night.

Well done!!  So creative and thanks for submitting boys!  Now. . .everyone start working on their turkey outfits!!!


  1. Mmm, half-nekkid priest, my favorite kind!

  2. My I just say how hot it is to see your bookcase.