Friday, November 9, 2012


Nathan Manske thinks Harvey Milk was cooler than a pair of hot pink cowboy boots.  The Driftwood, Texas native was so inspired by the 2008 multiple Oscar-winning film directed by Gus Van Sant, and specifically a sign Milk held at a rally stating "I'm from Woodmere, N.Y." that Manske decided to start a non-profit organization dedicated to the collection and distribution of stories of LGBT people from all over.  Since founding I'm From Driftwood, Nathan and his team, including Rafi Middlefehldt, Marquise Lee and Santiago Garza have collected hundreds of beautiful stories in print and video.  They even went on a fifty-state story-collecting tour.  That's right, they went to ALL FIFTY STATES, even the far away ones.

The website has become a timeless compendium of LGBT experience, not told by historians or scholars, but by the people living the stories themselves.  For story lovers, the website is quite addictive. And perhaps you'll be inspired to share your own story with this impressive, young and vital organization.

Manske sat down with Karl Marxxx of Big Shoe Diaries for a two part interview embedded below this amazing picture of the iconic I'm From Driftwood pink cowboy boots on the ice of the lake in front of Sarah Palin's house in Alaska!!!  Oh yeah, and they have a book, so buy it!!!

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