Saturday, November 3, 2012


You may remember Texas artist Patrick Short.  Though we've never met, I certainly remember him.  After I posted his work last August, we talked about meeting in Dallas for the opening of the Korean spa in Carrolton.  The grand opening date shifted unexpectedly several times, plans changed and I eventually lost touch with Patrick.  In case you're in the Dallas area this weekend, Spa Castle Texas is free this Sunday to celebrate the opening of an attached spa-owned hotel.  I highly suggest a visit.

When I decided to plan a trip to Spa Castle to celebrate my birthday a few weeks ago, I tried to contact Patrick through his website to see if he'd still like to join.  No response.  I chalked it up to my failure as a friend to maintain contact.

A few days ago, I discovered a troubling email from a reader in Texas.  It turns out Patrick has an aggressive form of brain cancer and is currently being treated in New Haven.  It's a sad irony that Patrick is the second young man I know with aggressive brain cancer.  His parents are enlisting the help of friends and family to raise funds to supplement Patrick's cost of living while in Connecticut.  So far they've surpassed their goal, but as anyone who's suffered the consequences of an unexpected health emergecy knows, every extra bit counts.

To contribute to the Patrick Short Cancer Fund, please click HERE.  Life is certainly no trip to the spa for Patrick right now.  Let's help get him there again one day soon.

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