Monday, November 5, 2012


"Current Affair"

If you're reading this blog, chances are you're quite familiar with the idea of paying for your pleasure.  Porn usually comes with a price after all.  (Don't tell me how you torrent, you'll just make my tummy rumble.  Sex workers got to eat too you know.)

That said, there may be nothing hotter in my experience than something free.  What's better than that utterly complimentary instrument of unlimited erotic titillation we all have close at hand: imagination.  Artist Jeff Larson cuts up old porn mags, reassembles them into aesthetically pleasing compositions and then obscures the content with thick black line drawings.  It takes a lot of imagination to reassemble the pieces.  I could spend hours trying to find all the cocks in "Current Affair" above, which you can also conveniently cup in your hand.  Jeff recently used the drawing for the Lighter of the Month Club, an "art distribution service" he created.  Every month he sends subscribers 4 stickers they can then affix to their BIC lighters.

If only I were more than just a pole smoker.  ;-P


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