Monday, November 12, 2012


Of all the days I need to go to the bank. . . Although the nation and the world officially recognized Sunday as Veteran's Day, that doesn't mean the party has to stop there.

In honor of all our veterans-- past, present and future (including my oldest brother who served in the First Gulf War and Somalia and bears the psychological battle wounds to prove it)-- I salute you.

For the rest of you mere civilians, here are a few of my favorite vets (and vet impersonators) from the net (a gift of the United States Government and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency):

Inappropriate perhaps. . but arousing none-the-less.  A tribute to our POWs?  



  1. don't ass don't tell

  2. your bookshelf is giving me a hard on

  3. Next time when you are in your dress-up moods... you should dress up as a Ring master.


  4. That first vet is my favorite! Should be titled Naked Gun. Hehe. What a stud! Thanks for these.