Friday, November 2, 2012


Belated holiday blessings are in order.  Vijaya Dishami (also known as Dussehra or Dashain or Durgostav), the final day of a ten day festival commemorating the destruction of the evil 10 headed demon Ravana by Lord Rama occurred this past Wednesday, October 24th.  The festival often culminates in the spectacular conflagration of the demon Ravana in effigy.  I only found out about it today eating lunch at my favorite Nepalese buffet in Baltimore, Kumari (best chai EVER!). 

On the topic of belated business long past due, I owe belated birthday presents to a few generous blog readers who sent me books from my Amazon Wish List while I was away in Texas.

Will the followings readers please step forward to claim your boners:

Michael M. ("Overthrow of Colonial Slavery", "Castro's Cuba, Cuba's Fidel")

Kevin C. ("Atlas of Remote Islands")

Paul St. A. ("Art & Agenda", "Tom Sachs")

J.J. C. ("Trotsky" and "Zizek on Violence")

Randall S. V. ("Toilet Paper")

Jeff F. ("I Am Sitting In A Room")

and the BSD readers who purchased the following books, but whose enclosed packing slips didn't list a buyer:

"Robespierre: Virtue and Terror"

"Jack Pierson: Desire, Despair"

"Ilf and Petrov's American Road Trip"

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