Thursday, November 29, 2012


Christopher Shultz, "Mopping is Stealing"

This week I had the great pleasure to attend (and contribute!) to the Third Annual Queer Pile-Up, a brief installation of queer art, hosted by Darin Klein and friends (with Suzanne Wright) and ForYourArt in Los Angeles.  Anyone willing and able was allowed to present work up to and during the opening.  96 artists in total contributed, including 5 drop-in performance artists.  A surprising number lesbians presented "I see Penises" while an even smaller, though profoundly more surprising, contingent of gay male artists made vaginas. 

If you're in LA, don't fret, you can still see the show, but only for a couple more days:

Thursday & Friday, November 29 & 3012-5pm - Special Gallery Hours

Saturday, December 1, 2012 - World AIDS Day
12-7pm - Special Gallery Hours
7-10pm - Closing Reception: Women Together... Fantastic (WTF!) Featuring Eden’s Herbal Soda Co. (hand-brewed, non-alcoholic beverages), Onya Hogan-Finlay, Kim Kelly and Dylan Mira (short videos), Lili Lakich (neon art lecture), Tara Jane O’Neil (live performance), Otherwild (pop-up shop) and Marty Windahl (MW) (tarot readings).


To see more artwork from the show, click HERE.  To see pics from the opening click HERE.  To see a Colby Keller original, scroll ALL the way to the bottom of the page. . .

Justin J.  (my good friend), "Party Monster" 

Christina Tsui, "Moon Over Candy Mountain"

A. Allegra, "untitled"

Mariah Garnett, "Banana"

Tiger Munson, "Atomic"

 Kate Hoffman, "Nude" 

Alex Miller, "Mouth Piece" 

Charles K. Rosenberg, "Blanket"

Drumroll please. . . . . . . . . . . .. ...... .... ... ...........My entry, "2 Days In".  

My friend Justin told me about the Third Annual Queer Pile-Up as I was boarding my plane to LA.  Obviously, I didn't have time to contribute anything from home.  I figured I could still make something once I landed.  I spent the first two days of my trip at a Days Inn in Hollywood.  The installation date (and opening) for Queer Pile-Up occurred on the same day I checked out of my room to switch motels.  I decided that I could only make a piece using material from my hotel room.  I brewed two cups of coffee, poured one and then another into a complimentary Days Inn cup and inserted a small washcloth, which, through the magic of wicking, licked up all the liquid and color.  

You can own the piece above for the price I paid for two nights in a queen size bed: $266.54.  The piece is also available as an unlimited series.  Book me a room at any hotel for your chosen number of nights, pay me an identical amount, and I will construct a sculpture using the material available to me in my hotel room.  :-)  

Now that's what I call room service.  Literally.  That's the name of the series.  

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  1. Love this idea! If the patron installs himself into the room booked, might they make it into the piece? Yer the best... chuck b