Friday, December 14, 2012


Bikini Bar, 2006

From mobile abortion clinics to sensory deprivation chambers in the shape of a human skull (not to mention enough "I See Penises" to fill an entire calendar year), Belgian art collective Atelier Van Lieshout's endearing, sexually-charged work offers a tongue-in-cheek repartee to our troubling political landscape's worst offenses-- constructed with all the naive charm of a middle school science fair project.  Sculptural slapstick for some, fun and games for others-- I'm certainly a fan.  Atelier Van Lieshout sets the stage for our post-apocalypic beaches-in-Greenland future: survivalist chic as a serious joke.

Here are just a few examples from their extensive portfolio:

Dickhead (Sensory Deprivation), 2004

SlaveCity-- Female Slave University, 2005

SlaveCity-- Male Slave University, 2007

SlaveCity-- 5 Star Brothel for Males, 2005

Fertility Lamp, 2009

Le Magnifique, 2010

Course of Life, 2009

Pappamamma, 2008

Sensory Deprivation Skull, 2007

Les Mammifères, 2006

Prick Medical Model, 2002

Sport Nouveau, 2003

SlaveCity-- Luxurious Female Brothel, 2006

SlaveCity Drawings, 2005-ongoing

Alfa Alfa with Chicken Run, 1999

Clip-On, 1997

Mercedes with 57mm Cannon, 1998

Fist-Fucking AVL Men, 2002

Man With Prick, 2002

Modular AVL Man, 1999

Organs, 2003


  1. cool
    I especially like their "Pappamamma"

  2. He's Dutch, and his art collective is located in Rotterdam, the city I live in... ;-)

  3. who knew mercedes made an "el camino"?!

    wondering if the europe has trailer parks & hillbillies, too.