Tuesday, December 18, 2012


As a special thank you to the two generous BSD readers to send me Hanukah gifts (even though I'm not officially Jewish) and all the rest of you who take the time out of you day to read my humble blog, I compiled a short playlist to demonstrate my undying gratitude.

Every time I go to LA, I scour the discount dollar bin at Amoeba on Sunset Boulevard for buried treasure.  I'm open-minded and eclectic enough to appreciate almost anything, though I still manage to  score mostly junk.  At one point in time, I intended to do a playlist after each trip back from LA, but never seemed to find the wherewithal.  It takes quite a bit of work and I'm almost certain no one would ever listen.  For those that might, this is a good one.

Among my many treasures this trip: an album of tongue-in-cheek Holocaust hits by famed French crooner Serge Gainsbourg, a post-ironic punk-pop Japanese girl group named Ni Hao!, Okinawa's very own Souckichi Kina and the Champloose (I already owned this album but decided to buy the Japanese import as a gift.  If you don't know Okinawa's famous American rock/Japanese hybrid sound or Souckichi Kina, famed folk musician and political activist, I firmly recommend a thorough introduction), some great 80's German and South African hits including an album by one of my all-time favorites, The Mahotella Queens, even a French rendition of my de-facto theme-song "Greenback Dollar".  Oh yeah, I also picked up an album by noted homophobe and beauty queen Anita Bryant.  If you haven't come to the conclusion already, I recommend this playlist best served baked.

I will always love you Dongo.  Happy Holidays!


1. Anita Bryant: "A' Sleeping at the Front of the Bed"
2. The Mahotella Queens: "Umthakathi (Witch Doctor)"
3. Shouckichi Kina and Champloose: "Shimaguwa Song"
4. Ni Hao!: "Fujiko"
5. Theodore Bikel and the Pennywhistlers: "Kaloda Duda"
6. Die Lassie Singers: "Mein Freund Hat Mit Mir Schluß Gemacht"
7. Serge Gainsbourg: "Yellow Star"
8. Steve Kekana: "Makhombo"
9. Les Missiles: "Sacré Dollar
10. Mbongeni Ngema: "Jazz's Love Song"


  1. Anita Bryant? Really? I hope you have a pie on hand.

  2. Anita "hates gays" Bryant? Ouch.

  3. Ah, but knowing that we are listening [and laughing] a little, must be part and parcel of Anita's special place in hell! [Is it wrong that this makes me smile?]

  4. Love Shoukichi Kina's "Jing Jing"!