Monday, December 3, 2012


In addition to growing a garden of glorious two-toned bristle sprouts, Boy with Beard Paul DeFlorian also makes a talented artist.  His work, appropriately enough, currently features in a facial-hair themed exhibition at the Lentos Kuntzmuseum in Linz: The Naked Man and Whole Milk: The Beard as Signifier (on view thru the 17th of February). 

According to curator Thomas Edlinger, "WHOLE MILK seeks to investigate the extent to which this sculpting material of performativity (facial hair) can unfold a subversive power."  

In addition to WHOLE MILK, check out Paul's solo show, "Transhumance in the Alps" up til December 21st at 12 c Raum für Kunst, an artist residency in the Austrian Alps.

If you're poor like me, and can't afford to jet across the pond for quick trip to the Tyrol, simply scroll down to see digital examples of Paul's work:  

The Inflatable Gentleman, Acryl on Canvas, 2011, 60x60cm

Another Gentleman, Acryl on Canvas, 2011, 60x60cm

Voyeurism is Participation, Acryl on Canvas 190x130cm

Every Vanitas Picture Needs A Tropical Touch, Acryl on Canvas, 2012, 60x60 cm

The Kookoo A, 40x40cm, Watercolours on Canvas, 2012