Wednesday, December 12, 2012


We all have our bad habits.  I have ten-- one on each finger.  

While I'm not exactly prone to volunteering information about my vices freely, I'm not opposed to sharing when prodded.  As some of you may know, I'll do a lot when prodded.  Nightcharm writer and fellow nail-biter Mark Adnum came a proddin' and I answered, indulging his readers in a lovely interview about my ten digit bad habit.  Curious?  I'm embarrassed (and gnawing away as I write this).  

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  1. Nice interview and funny pics! Always great to hear about you, your blog is fantastic.

    Will you consider a interview for my own blog of gay porn, culture and music Gayumbos Please say yes. Or maybe. I can send you a tasty reward of spanish delicatessens! (just losing my mind...)

    Anyway: Take care, I´ll stay tuned


  2. Fellow bruxist here, and I did pay through the nose for my night guard, but have you tried the ones just available in the aisles at drugstores?

    I grind so hard I've popped chips of enamel off my teeth.