Wednesday, December 5, 2012


There are a lot of reasons to dislike New York Jets' quarterback Mark Sanchez.  Fellow teammates call him lazy and have frequently berated him in public for consistently avoiding practice.  Thankfully, I know nothing about (nor care nothing for) football.  I have it on good word that the Jets are one of the worst teams playing.  That said, how can you not love a prettyboy jock who models shirtless for GQ and answers to the less-than-affectionate nickname "Buttfumble".  Jets fans have even taken to wearing homemade jerseys emblazoned with the cutesy taunt, which Sanchez won during a recent game by slamming into the ass of a fellow teammate, inadvertently tossing the ball to the opposing team.

Add this cute fact to the flame: The Jets are also owned by one Mr. Woody Johnson.  As a primary campaign bundler for failed presidential candidate Mit Romney, Johnson can add a third "dick" to his personal euphemism collection. . . a fact that endears me all the more to the failed Jets and their adorable quarterback, Buttfumble.

Watch the fumble here:


  1. He's no Aaron Rogers. Or Jordy Nelson.

    Now THERE's a butt even I would fumble with!

  2. American football players? Pffft. Have a go at the endless procession of hotties in professional rugby. Now, there are some studs. Like the ever shagable Ben Cohen: