Monday, December 17, 2012


What could be more luxurious than a big beautiful slab of man-meat?

LA-based artist and graphic designer Venfield 8 parodies the omnipresent banality and pornographic soft-pedaling endemic to any major-label luxury brand aesthetic in his series "Designer Dicks".  Throw in an erection, paste on a label, and voilà: all that sexy status shiznit reveals its true face: the evanescent gaze of a one-eyed, blood-filled booty-snatcher with one thing on its mind.    

See more work by Venfield 8 HERE.  


  1. You are a humorous guy! I suggested Colby Jansen establish a fragrance company called Rugby Player llc (licks likable cocks). First fragrance should be called Ballsack, infused with his man-sweat from his crotch. His first advertising sponsor could be Big Dicks Halfway Inn. Because if you smell like Ballsack, you've seen Big Dicks near you. <3

  2. You're not hot on video ,good what you do ,but have every good sense of humor and it's more reveeling your personality . Plesure be meet you for few drinks and chat . Sorry no sex . Don't do one night stand and don't on first date ... And anyway for my to far to your level ... You're class . X

    1. Sorry for a mistake . It's one word should't be there ....
      It shuold be like it ;
      - you're hot on ...
      Sorry .