Saturday, December 8, 2012


I realize most of you will spend the next few weeks frantically searching for the ideal gift this holiday season. What exactly does Colby need you might be asking yourself?  Well, truth be told, I need a lot.  It's a hard-knock life as a 30-something sex worker.  Loads and love go a long way.  I appreciate any and all porn viewers who select one of my videos out of the thousands of porn titles available to bust a nut this holiday break.  If you prefer a live session, look for me on RandyBlue Live this weekend.    

If you've frantically searched for the right book on my Amazon Wishlist but just can't decide which one conveys BOTH the perfect Hanukah and Kwanzaa sentiment (not to mention good ole XXXmas and solstice), I'm here to help.  Give the gift of dick!  If you live in the NYC area you have til Monday to make your very own dildo (based on a digital scan of your very own erection or that of your favorite horse hung fuckbud).  3DEA, a 3-D printing store at 6th Avenue and 29th street in Manhattan is hosting an adults only 3-D photo booth.  Unfortunately, I can't make it up this weekend before the digital dick scanning station closes.  While $250 might bust the budget of most BSD readers, it's worth it.  Unlike most cumbersome and demanding DIY dildo kits, you only need to keep your erection for 3 seconds while the scanner does all the work.  New York's queer Toy Collective will process your digital dick into a realistic silicone approximation of your actual penis.  

Then you can send it to me!  

Fuck Colby virtually AND support a sex-positive collective of hard working queer elves in Santa's sex toy shoppe.  What could possibly fulfill all the holidays' spirit better???  You'll even hit the "handmade gift" obligations of Kwanzaa.             

Book an appointment with 3DEA HERE.  

Whatever present you send, big or small, book or bulge, will get a big return from me (LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of LOVE) and a small physical token of my appreciation-- an individually handmade piece of original Colby Keller artwork, the gift of reciprocal dick.  Yes, my very own.  I'll send you a beautiful print courtesy of lil Chris Kringle himself.  Happy Holidays-- whichever one you choose to celebrate.

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