Monday, December 17, 2012


During a recent trip to LA, I had the pleasure to visit the studio of ceramist Ben Medansky.  Tucked behind chain link fencing and curtains in a spacious industrial building in Burbank, Ben shares a discrete ceramics studio with a slew artists, most working in metal.  In additional to an impressive a forge are several motorcycle modification shops.

Ben extended an invitation to see his series of phallic mugs in progress.  To my great "I SEE PENIS" surprise, Ben's studio is a veritable pornucopia of phallic-ceramic treasures.  In addition to mugs, there were phallic bowls, several small phallic sculptures and a collection of testicle inspired Christmas ornaments.  Apparently, I'm not the only one with man-parts on the mind.

It's not too late to buy mom that Christmas ornament she'll treasure for ever.  To see (and buy!) Ben's more conventional work, check out his website HERE.

Mug orgy pre-fire

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  1. I luuurvvee Ben Medansky. Best friend. An amazing artist!