Thursday, December 6, 2012



Scranton (what!), the Electric City, a.k.a. Scranton, Pennsylvania a.k.a. the anthracite coal mining capital of the world a.k.a. home of Dunder Mifflin a.k.a. Joe Biden's hometown (that's a lot of aliases) played host to the most recent leg of the American tour of Big Shoe Diaries.  We feasted on kosher deli food at Abe's, learned what the heck anthracite coal is(it's the most metamorphosed type of coal), and toured some pretty spectacular downtown buildings and monuments.  The Big Shoe Boys were mighty impressed with the footprints left behind by a solid labor movement, a robust German immigrant population and a self-awareness on the behalf of residents that realize while it may no longer be the heart of American industry, it still has a lot to offer.  Hipster beer bars, outstanding kosher delis, a Rocky Balboa Tribute bar (that we mistakenly thought was a gay bar) and an actual gay bar named 12Penny to indicate the length of the owners penis featuring DJ Steven Wallace (get it, Office geeks???) were just a few of the highlights on this short journey.

Colby gets kosher at Abe's Saloon, famous for its sandwiches and The Office. We accidentally ordered fried food on a Saturday (oops).
Anthracite Coal Miners in Relief . . . well, not that kind of relief.  Keep working, boys!
The Electric City Sign by Day
The sexy stached, General Pulaski
DJ Steven Wallace gets some Office fans (oh wait, no those are homosexual men) riled up on the dance floor.
The Big Shoe of Labor Leader, John Mitchell.

And of course the famous "Electric City" rap from Michael and Dwight on the Office.  We sang it all weekend, much to the annoyance of the pleasant Scrantonians!

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  1. damn colby i live right by there! i sure wish you'd post your travel itineraries!! so when's the next time y ou're in PA?