Monday, December 17, 2012


There may be nothing I enjoy more than opening a big package.

Unfortunately, my UPS man doesn't look like the hunky bookworm above.  Just in time for the last night of Hanukah, I did receive quite a large package in the mail however, thanks to BSD reader Tim who sent two lovely gifts from my Amazon Wishlist: Nature from the Whitechapel Gallery's Documents of Contemporary Art series and The Art of Not Making, by Michael Petry, a talented artist in his own right as well as an accomplished author.  I had the pleasure of meeting Michael in Baltimore a few months ago and didn't realize he wrote The Art of Not Making until I saw his familiar face on the dust jacket.

To say thank you to Tim, I decided to take this I SEE PENIS double wammy: posing with my two new books, my pet cactus Johnson and a new snake sweater my brother Arno claims he knitted himself (though I'm pretty sure he bought at Urban Outfitters):


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