Wednesday, December 19, 2012


When the shopping stampedes finally recede one solid fact will remain-- the undeniable reason for the season: one Mr. Jesus the Christ, who gave his spotless life for your sins.  Which begs the question: did Jesus ever get a boner?  Who, if any One at all, inhabited the Lamb of God's pristine wet dreams?  Certainly his twelve disciples popped wood on occasion?  Ever wonder what their boners may have looked like?

Artist and fellow MICAn Lathan Vargason contemplated just such an idea with his drawing "Yonic Second Coming of Christ with Dicks and Goats".  Just the thought of a stud that can cum twice gives me a semi, not to mention the Savior of mankind.  In anticipation of that glorious moment, let's remember the twelve perfectly corruptible disciples and countless cocks to follow that helped spread the Word.  Tis the season.

If "Second Coming" got you excited, you may appreciate the rest of Lathan's ironic-erotic body of work.  Look for a Colby portrait coming soon.



  1. I found you through PieFolk, and have really enjoyed reading through your archives. My compliments - your blog is smart, and sexy, and interesting.

  2. I agree with Michael.

    As an artist, I love your ability to approach art and pery-ness all at once and not just focus on cliche' gay tacky art. :) Oh, and youre hot.