Tuesday, January 15, 2013


If you like to watch stuff on the internet, then you probably already know about It Gets Better-ish, the brilliantly comedic, independent web series featuring Eliot Glazer and Brent Sullivan.  Selected by OUT for the OUT 100 list this year, we couldn't wait for an opportunity to sit down with Eliot to discuss his work on the show and other awesome projects he might be sketching.  Enjoy the interview and then, go watch the show. And then, tell Eliot and Brent that you love them.

KARL MARKS: What inspired you to make It Gets Better-ish? Had you worked on any web series or film projects prior to IGB that inlfluenced your work on the series?

ELIOT GLAZER: Brent and I bonded first as comedians, but then quickly as two gay guys who not only felt estranged from the community in a sense, but who were willing to admit it. Basically, we stored up the highlights of our experiences feeling like outcasts within gay culture and used what we do best -- comedy -- to tell the stories. I, personally, had helped out here and there with other friends' work (including my sister's show, Broad City), but this was really my first big comedy project outside of producing and performing at the UCB Theater.

KM: In this past year's OUT 100 list, a handful of independent web series creators were honored for their work in entertainment.  Was the honor a surprise to you?  What do you think it means for GLBT/Queer entertainment that your work and the work of other smaller web series were included in the list?

EG: Yes, we were surprised, but we really believe It Gets Betterish stands on its own as a web series that is, first and foremost, really funny. We've found it somewhat difficult to earn coverage from some gay media outlets, so being honored by OUT was a huge feeling of accomplishment. It's also a great sign that independent work (which was once just indie film) is now being watched, shared, and appreciated as art, and (we hope) commerce.

KM: Do you watch other queer web series regularly?  Do you have any favorites (gay or straight)?

Obviously, The Outs*, but I'm biased, because I love Adam Goldman. It's the humane, thoughtful, and true to life.

Having blogged professionally for the past half-decade, I've basically seen every fucking web series ever, but my favorite is called Teen Wheels. It's basically a super-duper-fucked-up satire of Saved By The Bell that takes place in a strip mall driving school, and everyone literally looks disgusting on purpose. It's disturbing, darkly comic perfection.

Also, I don't know how to describe Got 2 B Real. The best I can say is that there is a brilliant woman, somewhere out there, who cobbles together footage of famous "divas" (Aretha, Patti, Chaka, Mariah, Dionne, etc.) and does masterful voice over that pits them all against each other. The show gives me life. Technically, it's not "gay," but it is SO GAY.

 * Adam Goldman did an interview with Big Shoe Diaries here in November 2012.

KM: If you had completely unlimited means and the green light from a major studio, what would you create right now?

EG: I would make It Gets Betterish because it's uniquely funny and weird and entertaining, and it also presents gay guys in a way that could (and should) re-shape the way people think about us, as things other than sex machines and shopping buddies.

Or I would remake Mary Poppins, but with Kim Richards in the lead role. And, also, she'd be part robot.

KM: What's next for you?

EG: My new web series, Eliot's Sketch Pad, just launched on Above Average, the YouTube channel of Lorne Michaels' production company, Broadway Video. So that's happening, and I'm working on the second cycle of episodes for it. And we're pitching It Gets Betterish to networks because duh.


  1. A friend of mine, one of the producers of The Outs*, recently suggested The Eastsiders. Episode 2 posted a couple weeks ago at:


  2. If I could say one thing to Eliot Glazer, it'd be...

    Show me the cooch!