Monday, January 21, 2013


The long arm of Capitalism wears a gold watch. . .

Artist William E. Jones's video "The Fall of Communism As Seen in Gay Pornography (1998)" functions as a compilation video of sorts, of scenes ripped from gay porn produced in Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  No single piece of art may sum up the hollow victory of Capitalism and its long march toward total global hegemony more than this depressing video.  Dare I say it. . . ruins Bel Ami for me.

. . . For a few minutes at least.  :-)

Watch the video in its entirely below:


  1. As a patriot I must protest against one thing. Prague as a capital of the Czech Republic is not in Eastern Europe. It is and always was in Central Europe, that is why the Czech Republic is called "the heart of Europe"! Otherwise the video was interesting.

  2. I think what the producer did was to follow producers / directors who were known or thought to have produced a lot of gay videos with Russian and former Soviet Bloc guys (like JNRC and Clair Production, which were one and the same at one point in time). For example, while JNRC has a line of videos with Russian guys in them, it also has videos with French Guys, ethnic minorities that were living in Paris and Czech models. Most of the videos I recognized in the movie are Clair Production or JNRC videos.

    It just so happens that BelAmi model Ion Davidov is in two Clair Production videos that are referenced in "The Fall of Communism" (ie, Zoltan & Les Minets de L'Est and Soldats). I don't remember scenes from these movies but, as I recall, the covers of these videos are shown, most likely because they are Clair Production / JNRC videos.

    I think the basic point of the producer (that ripples across Europe of the economic collapse of the USSR drove a lot of poor guys into gay porn who would not otherwise have resorted to that) holds true for The Czech Republic as it obviously does for Cuba. Cuba is not Eastern European but the collapse of the USSR certainly had a huge impact on Cuba's economy.

    Peter Everhard

  3. I found the end section very disturbing to watch. I am curious to know know how screen tests for U.S. porn compare. If it is not too intrusive a question, did you have any similar experiences when you were starting out in porn, Colby?