Friday, January 25, 2013


I was honored, to say the least, when artist Erik Hanson asked me to sit for a portrait.  Erik's expansive exhibition history includes such venerable shrines of high art and culture as MoMA's PS1 space in Queens.  That Erik would so honor me with such an expansive (and expanding) series of portraits based on that sitting continues to flatter and amaze me, so much so, I've decided to set aside an entire week to honor his artistic output.  While it's hard for me to spend too much time critiquing the handsome devil on the canvas (my narcissism does have limits), everyone should appreciate Erik's inspiring process of innovation and improvosation.  While you can't watch him live in the studio, the work itself provides the movie script.  No two paintings are alike.

If you have an interest in purchasing a piece of Colby (or another painting by Erik) feel free to drop him a message or a friendly compliment at

To begin our week, first the head-shots:


  1. Thanks for the compliments, I'm really enjoying painting and drawing you !

  2. Was wondering Colby, say we wanted you in a film, how would we go about booking you?