Saturday, January 12, 2013


If cotton is king?

What does that make me?

From a recent impromptu photo shoot off the side of highway 95 on a recent road-trip to Florida.  If you can't jam to Scottish-born skiffle musician Lonnie Donegan's peppy version of "Pick a Bale of Cotton" sumptin' just ain't right wit you.  Celebrate America's fucked-uped-itness, or the simple metaphorical insistence a daily "bale of cotton" may mean for you, thru the punchy rhythm of folk song:



  1. Gotta roll up the pants and strip off the sweater and shirt, to get that authentic cotton-pickin' look. =x

  2. Interesting picture. I grew up on a farm in the South a couple of decades at least before you were born and picked cotton as a kid when the crop came in. Fingerless gloves were helpful in reducing the bleeding. The dry hulls of the cotton bolls were like little doll knives. Now, we get most of our cotton from countries where child labour is common.

  3. One of the tags on this post is slavery. Really, Colby?

  4. great pictures, what camera did u use?