Sunday, January 27, 2013


Laurent Champoussin is back!  Monsieur Champoussin makes such a regular appearance on BSD, I hereby appoint him official French Correspondent/Photographer-in-Residence (Paris Office).  Laurent generously offered to give me a subscription to his new project "De La Correspondance".  I received my first edition this week!

As always. . . beautiful job.  In addition to a poster and several small cards, I also received my own original print.  A picture-of-a-picture hardly does him justice.  To find out more or subscribe yourself, click HERE.  Also, check out the fantastic video he made of his 2012 portfolio at the end of this post.    

If these pictures don't do enough to excite you, here is a fun video of Laurent's 2012 portfolio, full of hotties in speedos (among other things), plus a fun track by M83 to jam to.  There is even an "I SEE PENIS" if you look closely enough:


  1. Uh...Mr. Keller...did you want to put your address out there?

  2. The French have such a wonderfully human sense of sex appeal, so different from Americans' Barbie Doll aesthetics.

  3. Those prints are amazing! Beautifully done!


  4. It's already been said up there ^^ Are you not concerned with your address being out there for all to see? However, I have to admit, funny your street, with an additional o added, would put you living on Love-Groove St. :)

  5. j'adore c'est superbe !