Tuesday, January 8, 2013


No single geographical location on earth (outside the San Fernando valley) has shaped the face of gay porn more in the last 20 years than the former Soviet Bloc.   From Bel Ami to barely-legal bareback, the many unemployed gymnasts of Hungary and Czechoslovakia have realized nearly every homoerotic possibility (If high cheek bones and white boys with big dicks delimit the extent of your erotic imagination).  Almost every possibility that is, except one. . . Marx's very own opiate of the masses!

Move over Prague.  Get off the balance beam Budapest.  The Orthodox priests of Romania want in on the action.

While its hard to imagine any of the men purporting to be priests in the "2013 Orthodox Calendar" are genuine men of the cloth, it's not hard to imagine them without their clothes.

Here are a few of my favorites:

 "Father Virgil lives in a small village in Eastern Europe. His parish is probably the smallest ever.  Everyone knows one another and nobody has a bad word to say about him.  He is so well regarded that nobody minds helping him with his daily chores."

"Father Stefan left his village very young to travel to Kourou, Mayotte and Djibouti.  Finally, he has returned.  Today he is running his church like his body is his temple."

"Father Daniel has a simple plan to collect enough funds from his church to help needy children in his village.  But the size of some men's projects have made his jaw drop."

"Brotherly love has never been stronger.  Jacob and Esau have been together their entire lives and always take care of one another."

"Father Nicolai is talented. . . his artistic ability and prolific imagination have always served him and his church well."

"Besides God, Father Lazarus has a small passion: painting!  He will paint anything he considers beautiful, even if it is steamy."


  1. Colby, I love reading your posts because they are so clever and literate.

  2. I've always enjoyed saying "Djibouti".