Saturday, January 19, 2013


Brrrrr.  It finally started feeling like winter.  Still no snow, but whose complaining. . . 

If you need help keeping warm, look no further than Berlin-based Intellectual Leisure, whose scandalous sweaters will simultaneously retain your body heat and tighten your jock strap, thanks to a jocular jacquard pattern echoeing Egyptian hieroglyphics, ancient Greek pottery and the Marquis de Sade.  Each colorful garment depicts a range of sexually adventurous scenarios, everything from the mercifully banal ménage à trois to camel-fucking, necrophilia, piss play and scat.   

According to founders Oliver Lühr, Thomas Bentz and designer Theodor Anastasato: 

"Intellectual Leisure is a knitwear range which, in its first season, champions fertility and the endless source of inspiration stemming from nature's drive to reproduce.  In our oversaturated culture of consumption the need for the ever more exciting can lead to refinement of taste as well as its perversion.  It is this philosophy of excess - as described by de Sade and Bataille - that helped form the idea for something cosy to wear around the house."

At €350 a v-neck, I'd surly break my sweater budget for the next century.  A fact which no doubt makes the ghost of Sade (and myself) quite sad.  

Look!  They even make a throw.  Sold out!  Bah.  Humbug.      

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