Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Is it just me or is this riveting shit?  Artist Rodrigo Braga, "Tonus 3", 2012, for Frieze Magazine:  

"Tonus 2" . . . . Feel the burn fishes!

"Tonus 1", hand v. crab:

Read more about Braga in the current issue of Frieze.

If 'man wrestling nature' is not enough gay for you, how about some underwater feather fucking-- Andrew Thomas Huang's "Solipsists":


  1. SIr, underwater feather fucking for the absolute win!!

  2. I have to admit the videos by Braga are compelling in some sick way, and i watched them despite the revulsion they aroused. I am neither animal rights activist nor vegan, and recognize that animals die for my sustenance But i try to support their humane treatment and quick slaughter. In the creation of Braga's art, the torture (the goat is being tortured in a very real sense, fearing for its life for a prolonged period whereas if run down by a predator it would be over as quickly as possible) and filmed death of animals (the fish) weakens the art. It cannot be, as the artist hopes, a metaphor; it is not about our place in the landscape, about our nature intertwined with the animals. It is ultimately, and unarguably about Braga's willingness to make other living things suffer pain. The rather shallow reference to "being in the same boat" with the weak and probably critically damaged fish is a lie. He is there by choice and will live. The fish, even if returned to the water before it suffocates will likely die, it's protective slime gone and its body too stressed to resist disease and/or predation.

    You say "If 'man wrestling nature' is not enough gay for you"...But it is not gay! Man torturing animals for pleasure seems rather heterosexual to me. It is the heterosexual/judeo-christian domination of man over nature through strength and cruelty. There are too many other ways to make those points without actually practicing that same callousness.

    Not going to say it isn't art because it clearly is and the artist likely sincere, but it is disturbing in ways that seem to be very much at odds to what the artist intended. Great blog by the way (my first time here), and you are too fucking sexy for words.