Thursday, January 3, 2013


I recently had the tremendous pleasure to spend four art-filled days in New York City with "Boy with Beard", "Friend of Colby" and Director of the Contemporary Art Museum Houston Bill Arning.  We capped off our marathon art tour with a trip to see artist Ann Hamilton's installation at the Park Avenue Armory: The Event of a Thread

Hamilton filled the main hall of the Park Avenue Armory with a field of adult-size swings, free to operate at your leisure with the price of admission-- $12.00.  The swings in turn control the movement of a gigantic white curtain bisecting the cavernous space.  This past Monday I returned with BSD Minister of Propaganda Karl Marxxx for the closing ceremony.  Every day around 6:40PM, shortly before the installation closes, an opera singer performs on the balcony, proceeded by the release of several dozen pigeons, who immediately fly from small wooden cages repositioned to the middle of the room (pictured below on a desk near the entrance) to a much larger metal cage suspended from the ceiling.  If contemporary art can sometimes leave you perplexed, there is much to critique in this installation (including performers in felt coat who inaudibly read from unending scrolls positioned at the entrance of the hall and another performer, at a desk with a rotating mirror at the opposite end, who writes page after page of stream-of-conscious poetry (?).  I personally found the pigeons moving, though Karl Marxxx made the prescient observation: it's a bit like Catholicism, you don't really know what anything really means but it's pretty when it happens. 

I highly suggest a visit before it closes this Sunday.  Located at 643 Park Ave, open 12PM to 7PM.   

Colby Dreams of Curtains

Attack of Karl Marxxx's Crotch

Release the Pigeons!


  1. Ooooh, now I really am impressed. I mean, I'm sort of, kind of impressed with who you've fucked and all, but now I'm *really* impressed. Dang. Although actually, I'm not sure which of the two of you I'm more jealous of.

  2. Greatest show of the year! And Bill is the best person in the world to share a swing with.

  3. That's beautiful, thanks for sharing that :D