Sunday, February 17, 2013


"Ball Tight Packing"

If you, like me, have a keen appreciation for GIFs, paper dolls and the male figure (and I assume you must since all three appear with a matter of regularity on this blog), you'll love the work of artist Rollin Leonard.

Hop on over to his website and lose yourself, like I did, for hours.  Start with a scroll down Self Portrait 2012 (one of my favorites). . . and work your way thru pillow cases, bell peppers and undulating bellies galore.

"Paper Dolls" 2008

Still from "Spiral Ravel Ravel" 2012

From "Reanimations" 2008

From "Reanimations" 2008

Detail  from "Self Portrait" 2012

"String Cut" 

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