Friday, February 8, 2013


Neal may just have one of the greatest names of all time.  Well, two names exactly.  A self-professed nerd and Welsh/Italian hybrid, Neal also answers to the name Santino.  Tack on his surname Pellegrino (yes, like the fancy sparkling water) and you have one fun peppy pop song.

Sing it with me now: Santino Pellegrino.

Neal/Santino calls VanCity home (Vancouver to all you non-natives), where he works for the Museum of Vancouver.  He wrote BigShoes recently to share details about the museum's upcoming show Sex Talk in the City, opening Valentine's Day and closing September 2nd.  I can't guarantee a visit, but I'd love to see the show for myself, and so should you if you happen to pass thru British Columbia anytime in the next several months (I also recommend a visit to Vancouver's world class Museum of Anthropology, the phenomenal, newly opened Beaty Biodiversity Museum (Big Blue alone was well worth the entrance fee, learn more HERE) and Vancouver's own Japanese-style hotdog phenomena, Japadog).  Oh yes, and all the cute bearded BC boys like Neal.  Swoon.

Why can't someone pay me to jet set around the world to visit museums and fuck cute boys?  Why isn't that a job dammit!


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