Friday, February 8, 2013


Course 1: Beets, aged cheddar, pickled fennel, cider vinaigrette

If you love food and know Baltimore, you undoubtedly share my enthusiasm for Woodberry Kitchen, the city's finest farm-to-table-- lo, the best restaurant in town if not the entire state of Maryland.  I've done my fair share of gushing here before.  Unfortunately, the restaurant's normal fare strikes far beyond the financial reaches of a po' ass porn star like me. . . that is, until now.

Woodberry recently opened a coffee shop across the Falls river from its main restaurant complex in an old refurbished mill.  For reasons I can't entirely explain, I've made the repeated mistake of mentally switching the name from "Artifact" to "Vintage"-- an unappealing adjective for coffee at that.  I chalk it up to a slight hereditary predisposition for dyslexia.  My brain automatically flips the prominent sign in front of the coffee shop (a large blue "A") into it's visual inverse, a "V", that I then struggle to identify with a comprehensible word: Vintage.  It's not vintage.  It's Artifact.  And the shit is GOOOOOD.  From Wednesday to Sunday after 5 PM, Artifact opens to accommodate diners for a select prix fixe: 3-4 courses for only $25!  Every week the menu changes to indulge the seasonal bounty of the Chesapeake watershed.  So far, the kitchen has alternated between vegetable-heavy and meat-ortiented themes.  I now make it a religious obligation to save my precious porn pennies and go every Wednesday.  If you find yourself in Baltimore, I highly recommend a visit.    

The food is so good, I've struggled to take pics to share with you.  Of this week four courses for instance, I failed to take a pic of the second course entirely before I gulped the whole thing down-- creamy carrot soup with house quark and chives.  I only remembered to snap a pic of the main entrée-- vegetable Pot au Feu with oat dumplings, root vegetables and a delicious red onion broth-- after I'd eaten more than half of it.  And the desert. . . one word: Jesus.  

Main course: what's left of my Pot au Feu

Dessert: Rice pudding, yogurt benne seed cake, blueberry lemon balm jam and wildflower honey (with a pot of Earl Grey tea)

Highlights from the last several weeks (when I could remember to take a pic, yet failed to remember what I was eating):

One thing I definitely remember: rockfish tar-tar with cilantro jam (in jar).  Incredible.  

Yankee Pot Roast


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  2. Thanks for the write-up. I have been to Woodberry but not their new coffee shop. The food looks and sounds really delicious. The next time you are in the Hudson Valley be sure to check out Stone Barn Farms (Pocantico) which the Rockefeller family owns and manages as a fully sustainable farm, coop and restaurant. It unfortunately is pricey too but appetizers in the bar is a good way to beat the entree gouging.