Wednesday, February 13, 2013


If you need a good reason to hate Valentine's Day, look no further.

Love and Paint is a peculiar service, based in America's twin bicoastal wastelands of hippy-dippy runoff-- New York City and Los Angeles-- that encourages enamored couples to splash around on a canvas holding hands, smooching. . . and one hopes fucking.  

According to their esoteric website: "Love & Paint represents a cultural examination and celebration of the "Literal Expressionism" that exists within everyone.  Bringing together numerous partners from around New York and Los Angeles, the exhibit transforms their manifestations of affection, seduction or pleasure into art -- leaving a lasting mark that represents this moment of self-actualization."

Wait a minute.

I think I may have just made my very own vomit painting.

I do like the series of photographs on their Tumblr page (re-posted for your enjoyment here) where at least one unsuspecting lover is magically transformed into a dog by the end of their session.  Now that's puppy love!

If any of you would like to volunteer and throw a mural-sized anonymous gang-bang to contravene all this gooey acrylic non-sense I would LOVE you forever and post your resulting masterpiece with gusto.

Please!  Chipotle allows me to make only so many of these vomit paintings.  

1 comment:

  1. Paint up the pee hole does NOT sound like fun...

    I'll bet he'll be painting with all the colors of his discharge, once the infection sets in.