Friday, February 22, 2013



Who would have guessed that along with the usual offenders red and pink and white "manila" would find a place of prominence in this year's Valentine's Day celebration (at least as far as such a seemingly inconsequential color irregularity could conform to my own constituent experience). 

In addition to BSD reader Chad's manila-themed prezzie, BSD reader Tom McM.'s lovely gift included a print of a photograph, Corpus Christi, he submitted to the 2011 Jackson, Michigan Artprize (with a certificate of sorts to prove it) stashed protectively in a manila folder marked "Computer Committee".   

Corpus Christi, by Tom McM.

To see more of Tom's work consult the disclosed certificate of authenticity: Tom's blog on all things "artsy-fartsy".

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  1. Glad you like it Colby.
    Art Prize is in Grand Rapids each year (our sucky town is too small for that kind of event), it's an amazing art contest that brings artists from all over the world to the city.
    Check it out here:
    And, as for the folder... I grabbed one out of recycling. : )