Thursday, February 21, 2013


Somebody loves me.

Really loves me!

And that someone . . . is Robert E.

Tired and exhausted from a delayed 2am train trip across the Eastern seaboard, I trudged home a few days ago after a long weekend in the Big Apple to discover a giant (GIANT!) box blocking my front door step.  As giddy as a little girl at miniature horse ranch, I ran inside, cut open the packing tape and discover four (FOUR!) beautiful art books:

The Painting Factory, Abstraction After Warhol

Wade Guyton OS (the catalog from the recent Wade Guyton retrospective at the Whitney)

Massimo Scolari: The Representation of Architecture


Oblique Drawing: A History of Anti-Perpective, also by Massimo Scolari

Top picks from my Amazon Wish List, Robert E's tremendous Valentine's box brought warmth to my heart and blood to my brain . . . err penis. . . err brain.

In return, a belated V-Day missile in honor of Robert E.

I love thee.

(Don't stare too long at your present or you may get a seizure)


  1. Maybe I'm weird, but those socks are definitely a huge torn-on right now :D

  2. Darn! For a second I thought you meant me, Robert J., because I just started following your blogs and twitter today--HAHA. :)

  3. Did you use your erection to turn the pages?

  4. Colby, if you're not familiar with a painter named Roberto Ferri...

    1) His work is awesome. The man does not shy away from putting plenty of love and attention into depicting some man meat.

    2) He's actually really cute.

  5. nice socks, did your granny knit those for you?

  6. killer beard, killer body, killer face, damn!