Saturday, February 2, 2013


As long as we're on the topic of vaginas, you may also appreciate this fantastic commercial from British tampon alternative Moon Cup.  Moon Cup claims to be an earth friendly alternative to other landfill-ubiquitous menstruation aides.  If you're like me and hardly know what a tampon looks like, let alone a "Moon Cup", consult the handy comparison above.  The Moon Cup is on the left, tampon to the right.  And if you're still confused, just dance along to this helpful rap battle:


  1. Well this is a new one on me! I have always hated tampons, but this is a bit more gross! EW! But I guess it will save the planet, so that is good!

  2. My former roommate had one of these. She left it on a windowsill in the bathroom and I couldn't figure out what ti was. Hers was a burgundy color, so I wondered if it was a wine stopper or something that somehow made its way into the bathroom.