Tuesday, March 12, 2013


from the series "Jackstands" 2011

I had the honor to visit artist Tad Beck's New York studio a few weeks ago.  Beck uses photography and video in a critical dialog with both medium's "documentary" propensities and privileges-- painfully recreating spontaneous activities, re-documenting the documentation, layering photos of photos on top of photos.  If that doesn't grab your frontal lobe like it grabs mine, Beck makes sure to include enough straight boy cock and ass-- with a gloss of New England sun and sport (WASP lovers watch out)-- to satisfy anyone's artless voyueristic side (artfully executed for those who like to think while they look).  I'm certainly a big fan.  

Pull out your oars boys and start rowing.  You might get wet and it's well worth it.   

from the series "Capsize" 2011

Mast Jump, 2012

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