Thursday, March 28, 2013


ALL POINTS BULLETIN: If you run across a pair of over-sized brown aviators somewhere in the New York City metropolitan area they're mine!  Sadly, I lost my only pair of prescription glasses.   After a wild weekend in Manhattan I somehow managed to misplace my favorite frames.

While a Kickstart campaign for Lasik surgery sounds enticing, it's hardly sensible.  I'm a second-hand kinda man.  I beseech any and all helpful readers who might own a spare pair to help a brother out.  If you own a set of old frames I'd look good in (or a wild pair you want to humiliate me with) send them my way!  I'll return the favor with a candid nude photo in frames of your choosing.

For all those especially well-connected, here's my prescription:

OD: Sphere: -1.25, Cylinder: -.75, Axis: 110

OS:  Sphere: -1.00, Cylinder: -1.25, Axis: 070

Send your orphaned eyewear to:

Blind Colby Keller
1211 Lovegrove Alley
Baltimore, MD 21202


  1. that's shitty man. I had a pair snap in 2 in some 3rd world country. But if i had yours I'd hold them hostage a while.... kidding.

  2. Damn those abs are distracting!

  3. Very Smart man! Turning a mishap into a gain!... Hope you get a free pair of glasses out of it.

  4. Colby, was that you I saw leaving the MOMA this Monday at about 5:15pm? Sorry for staring, but thought I might know you until I remembered where I've seen you! Did you catch Tilda Swinton sleeping in the glass box? 2nd floor on left if riding up the elevator in the room behind the video installation of the elephants on the rotating floor.

  5. why not try a quick campaign on indiegogo instead of kickstarter? it' simple, you can raise the money for new specs and give out fun perks. it's not curated like kickstarter, so everyone is approved. check it out!

  6. Have you checked your honey hole? I bet there's a plethora of interesting swag laying about in there, especially after last week's end!

  7. I'll bet Macklemore pro'ly has a pair you can have.

    Butt seriously, there are several vintage frames sellers on Etsy, check 'em out here:[]=tags&q=mens+optical+frames