Saturday, March 2, 2013


Here's some great video art that fits appropriately as a follow up to a musical about a porn star with a dysfunctional family that doesn't care for his line of work!

"In this mock infomercial, professional spokeslady Mrs. Trixie Cane promotes the "I Disown Your Right Back" campaign in response to religiously-motivated familial homophobia, trans*phobia and misogyny. Publicly released on Feb. 28, 2013, the date of Pope Benedict XVI's resignation, the video is a satirical speculation on a world in which queers, trans* people and women "withdraw their affective bonds and labor from family members who continue to support hate-mongering religious organizations."
Through satire, the "I Disown You Right Back" campaign asks audiences to consider the real emotional and material consequences of religious violence within families.
This video is based on a live performance by writer/performer T.L. Cowan. "I Disown You Right Back," which was first performed live at the Opentoe Peepshow in New York City in (November 4, 2012), and later developed for the Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics in the America's in São Paulo, Brazil (Jan 16, 2013).
"I Disown You Right Back" is the inaugural video in the "Queer Coping" collaborative short video series, which asks queers, trans people and women to make and submit short videos about how they "cope" with religious relatives who continue to support homophobic, trans* phobic and misogynist religious organizations. For more information about this project, go or contact"

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  1. Nice cleavage, Trixie. Is the davenport for sale?