Friday, March 15, 2013


First Arpad Miklos.  Now Wilfried Knight.

What's going on with porn's biggest stars?

Solidarity brothers!  Solidarity.

While it may be too late to intervene and save a life, it's never too late to pay tribute.

A group of 20 artists recently assembled a digital memorial to Hungarian superstar Arpad Miklos.  Unfortunately, I couldn't grab and drop any of the images to share with you here.  The memorial takes the form of an oversized PDF file.  I cropped the lower half of artist Jamil Hellu's "R.I.P Arpad" above just to give you a sense of the content.

Download the document yourself and print it off your own computer for free by simply clicking on the following LINK.  


  1. I'll be the first to comment what I'm sure many BSD readers are thinking....if you ever get that close to the edge, Colby, we hope that you'd have the common sense to reach out to someone....

  2. Yeah, read a bid of the "federal government/Lululemon" ramblings on Wilfred's blog the other night. WTF? I feel bad for his dog...

  3. We hear so much negativity about gay people from the time we're born... it marks us, it colors our thoughts and perceptions, and I don't think we can ever be rid of all of it, no matter how hard we fight. In our darker moments, it leaves us feeling 'less than': less than other men, less than worthy of love, less than worthy of life.

    ALL of us need to understand that these feelings are merely scars of past injuries, and NOT objectively true statements about ourselves. So easy to say, so hard to practice.