Monday, April 29, 2013


A great big giant orgone-infused erection for BSD reader Steve who recently made a fantastic contribution to my "Boners for Books" program-- straight from Verso's Radical Thinkers series, a collection of essays by Marxist polymath and inventor of the infamous Orgone Accumulator, William Reich.  Reich's controversial views helped get him kicked out of both the Communist Party of Germany in 1933 AND the International Psychoanalytic Association in 1934.  In 1956, the bulk of his books and papers were forcibly incinerated under court order by the US Food and Drug Administration.  Reich died shortly after from heart failure while in prison in Pennsylvania for contempt of court.

To elicit radical wood from your very own friendly Marxist porn professional browse potential contributions HERE.  :-) 

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  1. ah Reich. Given Marcuse and Reich's views on psychoanalysis, this photo is so apt! But Freud would've been pissed...
    -oh, and have you read any Lacan?