Thursday, April 18, 2013


 Ever wonder what porn stars do after the camera's stop rolling?  While I can't claim bone-e-fide "star" status, for this sex-worker, a post-fuck feast is typical.  It's hard work moving your hips all day with little else but Red Bull and Viagra to run on (almost every performer, top and bottom, waits to eat until the day is done).  Starved after my recent scene with Duncan Black I hit the mean streets of Decatur, Georgia, in search of a meal.  I landed in Chai Pani, which promised authentic Indian street food.  I ordered about 4 times the amount any normal human and every bit was delicious!  Maybe because everything was also fried.  If you find your self in Decatur, I'd especially recommend the sev potato dahi puri, and the kale pakoras. . . and a mango lassi if you need something sweet.  yum yum yum.

Kale pakoras

Okra fries

Chicken pakoras served to me by accident

Sev potato dahi puri

Green Mango Chaat


  1. I feel sorry for you. But life is not easy. I am uprishiate the job you do. And you're doing it well. But eat is necessary. And it was look delisus.

  2. I know the post is about all the great food you had. But something bugged me and I wanted to share.

    I wish you guys wouldn't have to use Viagra. I'm so afraid of what that can do to you in the future. We love you guys, and want you to be healthy and well for always...


  3. Why is porn a fasting job? I can understand why bottom's wouldn't want anything in their digestive tract, but why tops? Just a precaution?

  4. Fried food is not good for your health

  5. Ugh, so much whining. Colby's smarter than most people, pornstar or not, so let the man use Viagra and eat fried food.

    Question: Why the vegetarianism (although I assume you ate the chicken stuff)? Is it a new diet for your training or did you just feel like vegetables that evening?